Insights 2022 in Nasville

Here is some Info. Agenda : Insights 2022


More info here too: Epicor Insights 2022 Conference | Epicor U.S.


You get an hour for lunch, but 5 minutes of that is work.

You know this is a site full of nit-pickers, right? :grimacing:


@timshuwy Anything on the extended education classes? What day is what topic offered? I didn’t see anything in your two links above.

Edit: Well I see this now. But, uh, a preview would be OK, too…


Last year I put the agenda into Excel because it was easier to review and filter.
The conference was really good along with the four extended sessions that I attended.

Maybe this year, Epicor could put the agenda in an excel format to make it easier to use.

Insights 2022 Kinetic Agenda.xlsx (16.9 KB)


The extended ed classes are not public yet… but they will be held on Sunday and Monday.

Right, I’m asking because my boss wanted to know roughly how much it would all be, and I said, well, it depends on what classes they have. And frankly I wanted to avoid anything on Sunday.

@JasonMcD I totally get wanting to avoid Sunday… for me personally, if I am going to be there for Sunday, I have to travel starting early on Saturday to get to nashville.

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But the real question is if EpiUsers is doing another group session. I have a pretty good one if so. :slight_smile:

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But the REAL question everyone (me? Just me? lol ) is dying to know… Who’s the entertainment!!!

Gonna need someone I can shake my booty to. :smiley:

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Cross post:

Stealing a page from @LarsonSolutions, here is the Extended Education schedule, so you don’t have to almost register just to see it.

The blue cells are actually links to the long description online. (It just came over that way - I didn’t actually put effort into that.)

Insights ext ed schedule.xlsx (16.4 KB)

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Thanks for the list - any idea who to contact for more information.
Specifically - Dashboards - EE 9: Epicor Dashboards the Basics and Beyond
Is this going to be Kinetic App Studio type of dashboards?
If it is Classic, then, need to know if Classic Dashboards are staying beyond the two-year window they have set up for Kinetic.

I am not absolutely sure of this answer, but my best guess is that the presentations, trainings, and extended education will all be done with the latest tools in Kinetic. We rarely would present something using the old toolset. The people doing the presentations should be able to answer your questions about the classic dashboards as well.

Tim thanks for the response.
Last year, the BAQ presentation was with the current Classic view, which is what I would expect for the Advanced BAQ session.
Just would hate to shell out $275 for Dashboard training in Classic

Last year, BAQs were not yet enabled in the new UI… this year, there are a lot more screens enabled in the new UI. I will send in a suggestion that the class descriptions include the UI that will be used for the training.


I just confirmed that ALL the EE Classes will be taught in the new UI. There are some instances where the class may need to venture into the old smart client to do a specific task, but those are limited. For the dashboard class, the initial creation of the dashboard will be done with Smart client, but then all the enhancements and changes to the dashboard will be done with the new tools.


How similar are the EE classes going to be to last year? It seems a lot of them are the same or have similar titles. Wondering on the value of attending an EE class with the same name as one I attended last year.

Thanks for checking.
I will be bringing my executive dashboard to the class to see how to make it in Kinetic.
It has an updatable query along with a single baq that is pulled in three times with publish and subscribe between the three.