:dumpster_fire: Insights 2023

So thought I’d start this one off early… I’ve had no response from the normal email address for Insights.
I am I just too early?
Trying to get an early start on booking process…

Looking forward to catching up with everyone this year.

Meetup Update:

Hi guys we called everywhere and in the end the cheapest option we could find wanted 8K+ up front Vegas is brutal.
So here’s what we’ll do on Tuesday after the Wine and Cheese let’s take over a spot we live Eye Candy in the casino floor.

Watch this space for updates and or changes but as of right now Eye Candy after the Wine and Cheese on Tuesday.

Sorry for the delay but we were trying to find a venue until the last minute without success. Nashville was much more reasonable.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and hanging out!


Yeah, Id’ say you’re about two weeks early. My registration email was dated 1/20/2022 for last year, and I’m good about doing it in the first few days it’s available.

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I think I might come this year if my company will send me.
Hopefully I can meet some of you fine ladies & gentlemen.
(I use those terms loosely…)

I was JUST googling this yesterday and trying to find any media on it.

If you don’t show up as a monkey in a yellow hat, I’m going to be thoroughly disappointed.


Or at least a yellow hat.

Don’t forget the cigar! Or is it something else…

Snoop Dogg Smoking GIF by BrownSugarApp

Maybe 20 years ago.

They are starting planning I got one email. Should be coming more soon I suspect. Its in May 15th-18th (what I wrote down last year) maybe that’s changed though

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Las Vegas, May 15-18

Outlook is excited:


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Mom said I can go.

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You should submit a session topic or join in with the EpiUsers session.


“How to embarrass yourself on a forum by speaking before thinking.”
Advanced Level

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Part of me says… “Why not, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain”, The other part says “You Imposter, what are you thinking” :frowning_face:


Case in point, he wasn’t even talking to me :rofl: !




I’ve done three Insights presentations and one MI-IN EUG presentation. Dad Jokes aren’t the only way I embarrass myself… :person_shrugging:


I hope you stay true to your character and shoot off dad jokes in the beginning, middle, and end of your presentations. :blush:


I’m hoping @hmwillett will provide a nice talk on “Converting Classic Forms to Kinetic - Patterns and Practices”…AKA, “How I did it… A story from the trenches”