Insights 2024 - Gaylord Opryland Resort

Ok this is obviously super duper early, but I was feeling nostalgic this morning and I figure if Walmart can put out Christmas decorations at the end of September, I can start a thread.

I’m sure we’ll have another thread closer to time next year anyway.

Anyway, I really started this thread because the last time I was at the Opryland Hotel was around
1994-1996? or so at a National Beta Convention. So it’s been a while. They still even had the amusement park then. (Which was awesome. :cry: )

Anyway, I have fond memories still of the atrium(s?), and I really wanted to know if they are still
awesome, and what else is new there that might pique my interest?

Atriums are still there. Was the Mall there?

I do like going downtown to listen to those ridiculously talented musicians.

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I remember there was shopping, but not the big ass mall they replaced the park with.

They have the water park now.

The Saturday before Insights 2022 they had this event at Nissan Stadium. Would be Tuesday next year


Yes, the atriums are awesome… I believe they might have added more since you were there last. There are a total of four atriums. The Delta (main… huge) has the riverboat ride. Then there is the Magnolia, Garden Conservatory, and Cascades (cascades is the current main entrance). and now there is a waterpark, and the mall is a very short walk where there is some good shopping and more restaurants.
But better than all that, you will get in-person access to all the wonderful users that are here participating in EpiUsers… we all gather together multiple times during the event! Maybe someone will schedule another get-together. (BRING your WALKING SHOES).

Here is a Google Earth shot of the area… note that there is also FREE parking (last I was there) over in the mall parking lot if you are driving and/or staying offsite (not free at the Gaylord).


I will bring my walking shoes! The last couple of Insights, I was in misery due to my bad knee, combined with all of the walking. But the bad knee is gone now. This is my first week back to work, after getting a total knee replacement a couple of weeks ago. I still have a long way to go with rehabilitation, but it’s already better than it was before the surgery. By May, I should be ready to go!

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The mall replaced the amusement park, or at least partly.

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@Tyler5570 Epicor will kick off Insights 2024 conference website sometime early in 2024.

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