Inspection Configurator Radio Button Error

I have an inspection configurator where I would like to tie my inspection attributes to radio sets. Everything works correctly and I am able to run the configurator without issue. The problem is, now I want to add things (in this case a read-only expression) to the configurator, but when I go to do this I get the following syntax error:

When I navigate to the specified file, I find that the error is due to the following line of code (one per radio set):

this.rdsInspectionLabels.Buttons = ;

Full code for the radio set for reference:

this.rdsInspectionLabels = new Erp.Lib.Configurator.PcControls.EpiRadioSet();
this.rdsInspectionLabels.Name = "rdsInspectionLabels";
this.rdsInspectionLabels.Horizontal = true;
this.rdsInspectionLabels.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(410, 570);
this.rdsInspectionLabels.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(190, 20);
this.rdsInspectionLabels.TabIndex = 260;
this.rdsInspectionLabels.Visible = true;
this.rdsInspectionLabels.EpiBinding = this.EpiBinding + ".rdsInspectionLabels";
this.rdsInspectionLabels.EpiTransaction = this.Trans;
this.rdsInspectionLabels.Buttons = ;

Strange that Epicor would create an assignment and then not assign anything to the variable. Wondering if anyone has seen this before and if anyone knows a workaround, or if this is an Epicor bug.

@timshuwy or @josecgomez have you seen this before?

RadioButtons + Expression in Configurator = KABOOM.


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That sounds like a bug to me. I rarely use Radio buttons so I would not have run into this.

I’ve seen this error before when I worked on some Inspection Configurators. This error pops up on the client side and its a bug in Epicor in my opinion. In my experience it happened when I set the “Use Item List” option under Input Properties → Inspection Attribute to True for the radio button. Just set this option to false when you are trying to make changes to the client side code (such as On Loaded events) and then set it back to True when you are done editing the client side code and Approve the configurator. This bug doesn’t cause any issues during runtime because the radio button gets the list from the Inspection Attribute.

Also I noticed you have multiple errors so I’m assuming you have multiple radio buttons, you will have to set the “Use Item List” to False for each.