Inspection Processing - Customization

Good morning!

We are trying to track documentation issues on the PO Receipts sheet within the Inspection Processing form.

We originally wanted to incorporate an EpiUltraCombo labeled "Documentation Issues?" where the quality inspector can select either Yes or No based on any Outside Service Provider certificate/documentation issues related to any Nonconformances. I have created multiple UD fields in the Nonconformance table to support customization’s I’ve implemented within the Nonconformance form, and now attempting to extend one UD field (NonConf.docissues_c) into the Inspection Processing form as a part of the new set of data we are trying to collect to enhance our quality reports.

When attempting to customize this form, after I added my EpiUltraCombo, one of the first things I noticed is there are no tables to choose from, but instead views under the EpiBinding dropdown. I actually found all of my custom UD fields I created in the Nonconformance table, but they appear to be on different views (mtlView, invView, oprView) than the ones on the “PO Receipts” sheet (I believe it is porView). I attempted to bind the docissues_c field from mtlView Epibinding to my new drop down, but whenever a “Yes or No” is selected, the entire record saves prematurely. So I didn’t go down that route any further.

Anyone have any suggestions how I could achieve what we are looking to accomplish?
Or has anyone had luck in customizing the Inspection Processing form?

I appreciate any insight/suggestions that anyone is able to provide!

PO Receipts does not link to the same tables. I believe (if possible) it would link to the RcvDtl table instead.

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Thanks Jason,

I am going to attempt to add a UD field to the RcvDtl table, regenerate the data model, and see if my customization functions as hoped for. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for your suggestion, Jason! I was able to bind my new UD field from RcvDtl to my customization, and save the record successfully.

Cool. It was a good guess. :wink: