Custom Fields in Inspection Results Entry

I’m trying to add a few custom fields to inspection results entry.

I’ve added the fields to InspResults_UD, regenerated the data model and recycled the app pool and restarted my client.

The table lists as being in sync but none of the new fields showed up in any of the dataViews on the screen.

One of the fields I added needs to be updatable from the screen. I can probably take care of it by passing it back and forth in the BPM Data, but I’m hoping someone has a better idea.
Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions?


Have you tried working with the field? I find that Custom Object Explorer to be quite lacking.
Throw a control on the screen and see if you can bind the new field to it. If you can, then it’s there.

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No luck when trying to bind them to a control.


In working with the screen a bit more it’s just a launch pad for the quality configurator. It doesn’t appear to be bound to any data or ever save anything. All the data is committed when returning from the configurator.

Carson, I have just started working with Inspections also and so I though I would take a look. And it seems, as you concluded the bindings are not there. At least not for inspection results. I suspect this is because of the nature of the way EPICOR manages the results data. seeing as they have different tables for ShortChar, Character, Number data etc. the content of the inspection results grid must be generated dynamically based on the specification so pull back just the relevant columns into the grid.

The goal in the custom fields was actually some header info. An ID to print on a label and comments that would mostly be about containment and additional inspection needed. I wasn’t happy storing them in InspResults_UD since I was going to have to duplicate the “Header” info across all the detail records. I’m rethinking it now. I may end up recreating the Inspection Results Entry screen on a UD table entry and launch “Enter Results” from there.