Inspection tool tracking

We are using the Maintenance Module to track calibration and repair as needed. Now we would like to know what job/asm/opr use which gauge when. So if we have a gauge that is found to be out of calibration we can find out what is was used on when. Has anyone done anything like this in Kinetic?


Hi Lou,

We’re heading down the same road with other equipment as well. Before taking on gauges, we are looking at fixtures. Our current thought is to associate the Equipment with a Resource. For fixtures, this also has some scheduling benefits since we own the modules for multiple resources.

The trick we are currently working on is an App that will un-engineer the job, replace the actual equipment/resource on the operation, then engineer the job. Now the job is associated with the fixture, gauge, etc. that was actually used. Should be able to do this with an Epicor Function or even a UBAQ. It’s coming up in the queue here quickly but we haven’t got there yet. I would also like to have a BPM that warns on job release that the actual equipment hasn’t been specified.

We have advanced quality too but have not used it to its full capabilities. So a previous solution was to make a dropdown for the gauge (BAQ driven from the Equipment list) and prompt for it along with the data capture.

Just a couple of thoughts…

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I agree with your approach Mark.

If you have the Advanced Production module, you can add as many resources as you want to an operation. It would be training to get the users used to adding the extra resources, but once they do, you are all set. Additionally, if you have Advanced Production, you can also create Capabilities so that you can group similar instruments together and the system will select one that is available at the time of the operation.

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HI mark,

We were thinking of using Inspection Plan / Specifications and have drop down to select the equipment used. In some cases, we could have several different gauges used for the inspection process.

The downfall is the Inspection plan process from a reporting side is a little cumbersome.

Leaning towards adding drop-down UD fields to the Labor detail table at the End activity user selects Gauge 1 used – Gauge 2 used etc. along with a check box on the Job Opr table to request/require the drop-down selections.

This does make it more direct, however, more customization added fields – which can be turned off if not used.


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I have kicked the tracking around also for years
One solution that I have proposed is to have the tools lot tracked and in stock.
When you pull the tool or fixture from stock you enter in the lot number.
When you are done, return the tool to inventory.
This will give you complete tracking of the equipment automatically.
Just right click to look at the transactions.