Instructions for installing/using itextsharp.dll in BPM's

Has anyone had any experience using itextsharp.dll in Epicor BPM?

I know it must be installed and set up somehow. We have a BPM which generates a PDF inspection report in a designated folder when a job is engineered, and I am tasked with filling out the headings of the report.

Or should I contact Epicor Technical Support? Thanks everyone in advance.

Epicor support is not going to help you with this. This is a custom BPM that someone wrote that person should provide the support. Dlls in BPMs are usually available either via the external dlls folder or as a secondary location that is entered in the Admin Console.

Thanks Jose. Yes this is a custom BPM written by someone no longer with the company. I will check with our Epicor Administrator on how/where to implement this dll with the BPM. itextsharp is a free dll which is used to update PDF files.

Thanks again for your quick response!