Invalid Sec Group? Says who?


Someone throw me a bone here, I am about to start pulling hair.

DMT import gripes about invalid user or group,but those groups do in fact exist

Are they supposed to be comma’s or tildes?

In the context of DMT, commas. Though in the DB they are ~.

I did have a large chunk of records succeed.

Does the order matter? (it shouldn’t, but… maybe?)

can you manually add these to those users and do they work? Is there (perhaps) a space on these groups (in the front) seen that before.

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Also, if you just run the errors through again, do they all fail? I’ve had errors on the first run, and they went through on the second time. :person_shrugging:

Interesting idea. I had not considered that but I will try 1 record and let you know. Great suggestion

Tested manual add, no issue. Doesnt appear to have spaces.

Error says invalid user ID Group… Is the user id perhaps invalid/mispelled?

You can always do paste update on the grid view after loading the UserID.
Does require that you display the security columns.

It’s either or (user or group) - which finally clicked with me why you cant have UserID same as a GroupID

@Banderson No dice on that brilliant suggestion unfortunately

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I may eventually try that (though for 350 records I’d rather not), I just have to convert my commas to tildes I presume

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@Chris_Conn the Error coming back from DMT are usually not accurate. I’ve found myself hooking up DNSpy and doing a step debug and then immediately seeing the issue.

You can also try to setup Server Logging and see if you get a more clear error on that side.


You are 100% sure you are looking in the same systems for the groups?

Worth a try, unfortunately I’d have to do it after hours :frowning: since it’s Test Env heavily in use at the moment and step debugging is ‘disruptive’ to the end users I’d say haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Ubaq with paste insert?

That error isn’t coming from DMT

Looks like its coming from the server side of the land, the DMT Error is a bit different.

I need to once and for all learn how to do the step thing.

well, i do note the split char ~

ala @Banderson @Mark_Wonsil

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