Invalid Session while on VPN

We installed a new firewall/VPN late last week and now any remote employees are getting Invalid Session errors in Vista every 15-20 minutes. If they close out and reboot Vista they are good for another 15-20 minutes before getting the error again.

I saw the other topics on this in the group but the fixes did not help. Anyone have any ideas what may be happening?

Vista/Vantage is VERY picky about network connectivity.

Does this only happen after 15 minutes of inactivity? Or could you be using it (actually sending data back and forth, not just having a form open and entering data in it), and it still errors out at exactly 15 minutes after being launched?

It doesn’t seem to be after a set period of time but roughly 15-20 minutes sometimes sooner, sometimes longer than that. It has happened to both power users and users who just have Epicor open and no activity.

One other oddity, I’ve personally been on VPN for 8 hours Friday and 8 hours Monday with Epicor open and have had zero errors. I thought maybe it had something to do with being a Admin but doesn’t seem to be the case.

If I recall correctly, V8 does not like to run over a VPN. When we were on V8 and our on-prem servers moved to the corporate datacenter (in another state), the only thing that was reliable was having users run the client as a remote app. I think we used citrix at the time, but Terminal Services should work as well.

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Ok thanks Calvin. It’s odd because it ran fine on our old Windows VPN setup.

As I mentioned some users on VPN can access Vista no issues but others are getting invalid sessions. I noticed that the users who are not getting errors have “Can Suspend” checked off on their profiles and the ones with errors do not. Do you think this could be causing the issues?

I never fully understood the meaning of that setting. What I recall it being described as, was that those users could choose to suspend their session (they have to deliberately do so - a menu selection I believe). And that would allow them to keep the client open without having the network connection maintained. They would then resume their connection later.

I think the idea was so that a user could power down a laptop, or move from one wireless area to another, without crashing the client.

Are the users that have issues getting an error number like “7445” (I don’t recall the exact err num)

It’s mostly “Invalid Session” errors, like this:


The new firewall may have some settings that think the traffic is potentially unsafe, and limiting it when traffic is high.

Did you add rules to the firewall for the ports used by the server (8300, 8301, 8303, If I recall) Check in the PET settings for the ports used by each app server.

Also, search this site in the Yahoo archives category …

Enabling “Can suspend” on all user profiles seems to fix the issue with Invalid Sessions over VPN. The users occasionally get another error now (7224) but can just hit ok and keep working.