InventoryQtyAdjEntry force EpiDataView to update

oTrans.Update and oTrans.Refresh return 'Erp.UI.App.InventoryQtyAdjEntry.Transaction' does not contain a definition for 'Update' I’ve attempted to use Notify on the EpiDataView for the actual grid displayed too. I am adding a record to the PartBin table through code and need to refresh the Quantity Adjustment screen to reflect the changes and the additional record.

I thought maybe I could trace the refresh button and call the methods that get fired, or maybe directly call the click function of the button to force it to refresh itself. What are my options here? I am struggling to find topics that didn’t result in “use oTrans.Update”. Unless that is the solution, and there is a business object I am missing?

You do realize that PartBin records are deleted when the QOH goes to zero, right?

Don’t want you to go through the trouble of getting this working only to realize those records aren’t persistent.

Basically, I’m doing a regular adjustment on the bin. We are moving to where every reel of parts needs a separate lot number for our automated scanner [edit-xray counter] we are getting. But occasionally, the workers need to split the reel into 2 separate reels to run on multiple lines. This is making it so that they can take a reel of 10,000 parts and split it in the system into 2 separate reels of, say 5,000 parts. I have checks in place to make sure that the quantity they input is at least 1 less than available in the bin.

I have the actual splitting working, as far as I’ve been able to bug test it. The only thing that is a hold up, is that nothing reflects it on the screen until I manually hit the refresh button.

Edit: I am using the InventoryQtyAdjAdapter and manually calling the methods in the trace and from another post I refererenced to get this working. As for bringing over fields from the original lot into the split new lot, I am using LotSelectUpdateAdapter and grabbing the data with

var LSUDS1 = aLSUA1.GetData(partNb.Value.ToString(), edv.CurrentDataRow["LotNum"].ToString()) ;
			var LSUDS2 = aLSUA2.GetData(partNb.Value.ToString(), lotNumGen) ;

in case you were curious.

My solution was to just force call the refresh button through the menu/form after completing the “split”.

MethodInfo mi = typeof(EpiBaseForm).GetMethod("handleToolClick", BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic);
mi.Invoke(InventoryQtyAdjustForm, new object[]{"RefreshTool",new Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.ToolClickEventArgs(InventoryQtyAdjustForm.MainToolManager.Tools["RefreshTool"],null)});

Also make sure to add the using System.Reflection; Grabbed the form name from the tree.