Is anyone using "devices" (i.e. phones, tablets, etc) instead of guns for warehouse move transaction activity

We’re researching whether to purchase guns for use in the warehouse to use for move transactions. With Kinetic you supposedly can bring up the move app on a device (phone, tablet, etc) and use that for registering move transactions so we’re looking at our possible options. I know you can purchase wands and just plug into a USB port for ease of use entry and maybe that gets us to an option which doesn’t come with the costs associated with guns.

Has anyone experimented, researched or implemented a non-gun methodology for whse moves???


We use the Kinetic Warehouse app with Honeywell CK65 and EDA51.
Have not tried using Kinetic on the handheld, yet.

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Web UI performs pretty slow on our mobile devices (we are researching using the Web UI on barcode scanners to avoid the licensing cost of Kinetic Mobile Warehouse vs. MES)

The last version bump in pilot gave it a pretty decent speed increase, I would say it is usable now.

Whatever you find with your research please let me know as we are also looking for workable mobile alternatives to Mobile Whse.

We ran into some issues running MES on our barcode scanners, (Android 10, 800x480 screen)

It seems as though Epicor’s Web UI is designed with 500px width as a minimum, I note the Web UI on desktop won’t allow you to resize horizontally smaller than that. When dealing with a horizontally constrained screen such as the 800x480 screen on our barcode scanners, forcing the web ui to render below 500px horizontal, some web ui elements do not appear. Notably, the (+) icon in Receipts does not appear, so you cannot do a new PO Receipt.

I contacted Epicor support re: that, and was basically told to use a higher resolution device, or use Kinetic Mobile Warehouse :slight_smile:

Desktop mode on Brave browser does work on 800x480 screens with MES, but then your UI elements are so small that you need a needlepoint stylus to hit the right pixel…

Here’s what CS had to say:

The web access to the EPICOR MES is not designed to be used on small screens, if some icons are missing you will need to use a device that has a bigger screen resolution, since not everything can be made to fit on all resolutions.
If you still need to use a device with a smaller screen, you should look into using the EPICOR mobile apps which are available to download for free on the android and apple app stores.

I like the bit about the apps being available to download for free, I suppose technically that is true… :grin: