Is epicor ECM (docstar) and Ancora Software the same thing?

Is epicor ECM (docstar) and Ancora Software the same thing? We currently use Docuphase as an document management system. Our parent company is looking to implement Ancora for some automation and i was wondering if its the same thing the docstar uses for its automation. I noticed on Ancoras website they have epicor listed as a partner.

As far as I know Ancora is a separate company that also does OCR.


Does Epicor know they are a partner with them?
this is from their website

I believe Ancora is the IDC portion.

Yes, Ancora - a separate company - does the OCR of the page then passes that metadata to ECM for workflow.

Epicor has many partnerships selling products. Ancora is just like BisCIT, Knowledge Mentor, Forecast Pro, EDA (Phocas), Financial Planner, Seagull Scientific (BarTender), AQM, CRE, XL Connect, Crystal, Precise (ARM, Advanced Projects), etc. …

So in theory it should be easy to integrate with Epicor

Depending on what you mean by ‘it’ I suppose. :wink:

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Are you going to use ECM or stick with Docuphase?

When you say integrate with Epicor do you mean Epicor as in Attachments or as ECM?

we are planning on sticking with Docuphase.
im mainly looking for a solution to help with our quality team with documents. currently they scan everything into docuphase and nothing is an attachment to the PO in Epicor.
im indifferent if its an attachment or a link to a docuphase file, i just want to speed up the time and effort it takes to get something received into the system.

OK, cool. You don’t need anything to do with IDC/Ancora then because you’re just linking, you’re not trying to get values out of the document.

Does Docuphase offer a “link” of some kind to the document? (https preferably)

yes. It does.

So you’re in business. You just create an attachment using the LINK type and paste in the link from Docuphase. When Epicor users click the link, it should take the URL and open up the browser, and do all the goodness that content management software does (security, versions, etc.).

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Along the line of is IDC the same as Ancora I found another cousin. Decipher IDP and they have some good documentation.|_____0


Another one

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