Is it possible to print a Bartender label using a BAQ Report

Has anyone been able to print a Bartender Label using a BAQ Report or BAQ?


Sure. Just use the report style to dump a csv to a network location and have BarTender pick it up.


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Yes it is.

You can generate a .bt file from any report. I think…

Example of BOL:


However I would first start to use Dynamic Reports the new way to BAQ Reports with proper filters.


Mr. John: Thank you for the suggestion. I did not know we could do that.

However, this instance is on an Epicor Cloud and I get an error when i try to write to the Epicor Server.

Unauthorized Server Path.

Any suggestions

UNC Paths are not allowed in Report Options. On-Prem has the same.

Mr. Haso: Thank you for the suggestion, I tried the Dynamic Report - however I only get the ClientBPMData - non of my UD12 data.

I have a baq that shows all UD12 fields.

I created a Dynamic Report that has my BAQ added.

I have a data directive that runs an Autoprint.

I get ClientBPMDATA but none of my BAQ data?

Does any of that makes sense?



Same question - I tried and got the BPM context headers and not my BAQ fields.

@DaveOlender did you ever figure this out?

I think the root problem is that no Report Service exists for a report that I just created. Or does it?

So @hkeric.wci what did you use here:

Mr. Jason: I updated the AutoPrint BPM to create a comma delimited list in the ClientBPMData that holds all of my UD12 information.

It was a band-aide - but it is working. I needed something and waiting for Epicor to fix (or get that working) was not an option.


I’m still curious how you accomplished that.

I get the BPM headers, but no data for them:

This works for me.


We are Epicor SaaS based - so direct access is not allowed.

Here is a screenshot of the AutoPrint BPM that i am using:

Sorry: It looks like i am assigning the data to generic fields in the ClientBPMData.

I have also, done this for others where I created a comma delimited list that i parsed in Bartender.

Doing it this way makes assigning fields in Bartender a little easier.

Please remember - this is just a workaround to get the job done.

Well that’s what I took you to mean anyway. And I am completely fine with that. Everything I do every day is a workaround.

But I must be missing something because I am getting no data.

I did try to assign one like you did:

@jkane What do you have here:


This is blowing my mind by the way:


What, um, language is that? I guess it is for BarTender to decode?


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Mr. Jason: Maybe that is my problem - i was not able to find a Report Service for UD12. I see there is a report service avail for GenInv, and GenRcpt.

I can only assume i tried those and could not get them to work? Or maybe they work now - but did not when i needed them.

If anyone else can correct me - i would be happy. My solution was the only one I could find at the time.



That is actually Epicor functionality. From help

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Alright, I switched it to that.

So, maybe this is my problem - and maybe I am tackling this completely wrong.

I made a BAQ with a parameter called PlantTranID (it is for TranNum of PlantTran).

Is this different from what you all are doing? It looks like it is.


I am not doing mine through Auto Print, mine is triggered by a button a user presses.

One thing I did notice though is that you are missing the SSRSRenderForm. Also I think you need the file type at the end of the Output Location. Mine is a .txt

So, for standard BarTender labels, neither is necessary: