Is there a way to pop up a box asking if you want to close Epicor?


I have an employee who keeps accidentally closing Epicor because he gets confused on which X to click.
He is requesting a pop-up box to ask if he really wanted to close Epicor.

Is there a way to do this? Also, is there a way to target only his login with this? I really don’t need all the calls from everyone else asking why they need to now click an extra box to close Epicor.

Any help is appreciated!

I would politely tell him to learn to do it correctly? I mean how many times is he going to make that mistake before he learns what box to click?

Teach a man to fish! And give yourself less maintenance.

As to whether it is possible or not, I don’t think so particularly if you want it to be unique to this person.

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Kinda what I figured but wanted to put it out there to say I tried.

I will tell him not possible.

Thanks for the quick reply!