Is there field help in the kinetic grids now?

I see this idea is marked delivered:

But I’m on 2022.2 and do not see field help available in the kinetic grids. Can anyone with 2023.1 advise whether there is field help in the grids in that version?

Side note if you would like Epicor to tell us the release in which an idea is delivered to avoid this kind of guessing game, you can vote for this idea:

Like this?



Epicor did tell us that it’s included in the Release Notes for 2023.1 (slightly different from your Idea I appreciate that).

And I appreciate that - just would appreciate the loop being closed on the other end.

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I voted for it. I had at least 3 problems (PRB numbers) in 2022 and received emails saying all have been “resolved”, but two are still an issue in 2023.1.4. It would be nice to know when to expect them.

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