Issue in Customization on the Dashboard not showing in Menu Maintenance

We are facing an issue that Customization on the Dashboard is not coming in Menu maintenance.

This can be caused when the customisation and menu short cut have different owning companies.

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I created a Test cycle and both are in the same company. The same Dashboards are working in an older version 10.1, upgrade 10.2.600.3 there is an issue only.

Maybe the dashboard needs to be re-deployed?

Yes, Done already.

hmmm, Does the program type in the menu shortcut need to be something different…Is there one for dashboard runtime as opposed to dashboard assembly?

Tried both, But it suppose to be assembly only.

Often when this happens it can be resolved by making sure the customisation is available for all companies.

@steveh , checked same, Still have an issue.

I updated menu table using updatable BAQ, temporally it’s working.