Issues when copying sales orders in E10 - Fields not refreshing


we are noticing that a few fields are not updating to the latest value when copying a sales order. Specifically: Terms, Salesperson, Price and TAX ID. For example, if we change the terms of a customer from Net 15 to Net 30 and then copy an order that had Net 15 terms. Those terms stick to the new order.

Is this by design or is there any way to change this behaviour (BPM/setiing)

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Copy is copy, it is not copy and update with latest values. When you copy you have a few options in a dialog box that can be changes (such as PO Number) but again it is not designed to update.

Wouldn’t copy be copy? If Parent SO has something set, I would expect the Child SO to be an identical copy, except for the SO Num… I’m not following where update comes in.


My customer service department uses this function to “speed up” order entry. A lot of our customers order the same thing over and over again. So CS takes the last order, copies it and changes the date and PO#. But once in while the price might change so we are at risk that the order is not priced correctly.

Ultimately, I am looking for a way to speed up the order entry process and some kind of “template order” functionality would help.

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Have you tried build order from history? I’m not sure if it will do what you want, but it could be better than a new order from scratch.

Now that I say that, I’m looking at it in our test system and the “new price” is always 0 for the orders I’ve looked at. This is what gets populated on the order line. Does anyone know what populates the new price field? Help is less than helpful.


OK, that price comes from the price list. Wow, that is a lot of set up to manage the price lists. Is there a mass update for those? Or would that be a DMT thing?