Remove Price When Copy Order

I am being asked to remove the price from the parts or at least update the price with the current pricing info in Epicor when copying an order. Ideas on how to do this?

If you run a trace, you should see the method that is called (Likely SalesOrder.CopyOrder).
Then in a Method Directive BPM, you would use this method to set your values.
You may need a trace to see the steps when you set the prices to zero too.
It would likely be in these steps on Post Processing:

  1. SalesOrder.GetByID widget with the new SO#
  2. Run the same methods and changes from your second trace. (Use the Epicor Trace Differ tool, its kinda awesome).
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I’m curious, what do you mean by “widget” for GetByID?

BPMs use widgets to perform different logic.

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That is what I thought. So inside the SalesOrder.CopyOrder (Post) you would Invoke BO method SalesOrder.GEtByID, correct?

Yes, as well as other BO Methods (like ChangePrice, Update). As well as setting fields.

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This gonna get “fun!” :joy: :sweat_smile:

Honestly, I do enjoy this type of stuff. Its what I do all day long :grin:

I’m better with Data as that I all I have done. This will be my first Method and I’ve been working with Epicor for 3 years. So, there will be a learning curve for sure!

Well, they really have a lot of similarities. If you are more comfortable using code, that is a decent option too. The only problem with a Data Directive here would be that you can’t see if it was a copied order or a person entering the line.

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Ok, newb question, of sorts, but in BPM’s, how do you write out the variable? All my BPM’s I’ve not done anything with variables and I am not sure how to progress.

Have you run through the BPM training from Epicor? If not, try that first. If so, you may want to break it down into smaller chucks to ask specific questions on where you are stopped. Walking through the whole process in detail may be more that a forum post.

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