Its not an idea if its a bug

@timshuwy for the its not an idea its a bug files

I don’t understand why support refuses to submit this to development. It is clearly a bug. You are more than welcome to review case CS0003477156 to see support’s words for yourself.

I am posting this here because you have emphasized to us in the past that the ideas portal is not meant for bugs.

What’s the error? It works for me on 2022.2

I am looking into this.
Question, did you try pressing the “Escalate Case” button in EpiCare? This will cause the case to be reviewed by a Tech Support manager. That is probably the better route to get this type of issue reviewed rather than posting here.


@timshuwy no I did not try that, I will try it now.

I got the error in the current code… if the FOB is currently “in use” (called out on a customer record, or on an order) then you get the message that you cannot make it inactive because it is in use. I agree totally that this is far too restrictive. If we had that same rule on the Part table, you could never make a part inactive.

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Exactly my point - the FOB does not exist on any open orders. If its restricted to being used closed orders as well, there is no point in even having the inactive checkbox at all.

I totally get it… I have already escalated this issue as high as I can. give me a chance to see where it goes.


Yeah it’s that way in current code for sure. This sort of falls under my Engineering Workbench flooding the event log issue though. The code IS working as written, it’s just a poor design, so by procedure this would be an idea. It seems silly that if it’s a poor design that everyone agrees is poor, that we spend hours of our time, supports time, and your time @timshuwy playing this game of whack-a-mole. This is the reality of poor design issues.

  • We find issue
  • We spend hours trying to prove it’s an issue to support
  • Support agrees it’s an issue but working as designed
  • We get angry and beseech the wise old wizard Tim the Enhancer (I really hope someone calls me on this reference)
  • He works his magic and pushes said idea through because everyone has already agrees it makes sense

The internal procedure needs to be altered to handle poor design issues over true enhancements like, call a BAQ from a BAQ sort of stuff. I think that would help a ton in Epicor’s relationship with their customers.

You can’t be the gatekeeper for all this indefinitely it’s not scalable.


I’ll bite.

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Beat me to it!!!

@jgiese.wci you’re just trying to derail the thread with Monty Python…
…I approve.