IWR (Inventory Wip Reconciliation) Showing MFG Variance Apply Future Date

I have a job we completed to stock and flagged as completed and closed. We have a small $.18 variance showing on the IWR for this job. Our first issue is there should not be any variance as we diligently ensured all material, labor, and qty parameters went in exactly at standard. The Prod Detail shows no variance at on any job costs.
The problem I am asking about here is the “APPLY DATE” that is showing on the IWR for this job variance. Its showing a Future Apply Date. The Date it is showing is the last day of the current fiscal period. Why would the IWR be showing a MFG variance with an Apply Date of the last of the current period.

It will show a future apply date if it is a “Phantom Purge WIP to Variance”. This will be applied on the date the next Capture COS/WIP is run while checking the Post Cost of Sales / MFG Variance box. As to why the variance shows up in the first place I would use Job Tracker and the Assemblies Transactions Tab to check the math on the MFG-STK trans.


Nice Todd!

Thanks Todd: I checked the Job Tracker transactions, the assembly transaction list, and the Assemblies Cost sections… all match and the estimate and actuals are equal to the “T”.
Even the Part Tran History shows the Mfg-Stk transaction values equal the Job values. All of the manufacturing cost elements line up, and the actuals are right on the money with the estimates. The only place this variance shows up is on the IWR. It is an $.18 labor variance. I cannot figure out where this labor variance is coming from.

That is strange. Normally when I get a variance to labor from a MFG-STK transaction it shows up there.

I’m honestly stumped. :thinking:

ok wow we figured this out, and this is really strange.
The variance is being caused by a rounding issue for labor because the labor rate is out to 5 decimal places and no rounding parameters are defined. And our standard cost for labor for this part does indeed go out to 5 decimal places.
Here is the weird part… Epicor does not show this as a MFG-Var transaction in any of the tables until AFTER COS\WIP capture is ran and posted. After posting, the $.18 labor variance went back into the Closed Job (This surprised me too) and posted a new Mfg-Var transaction that now shows in the job tracker.
To me this is a major process issue. If my process is that I have a Cost Account review a closed Job before posting, that Mfg Var doesnt show anywhere on that Job at that time nor in the PartTran table. They could sign off that the job is clean. Then a month later at month end closing the CosWIp capture is ran and posted, then the Job gets updated with a new Mfg-Var transaction that is a labor rounding error.

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