Job Closing Configuration

Where in Epicor are the settings for determining which jobs get auto closed? Like jobs that are costed for less than a certain amount.

Here’s where I already looked but could not find it:
System Setup > Company Configuration > Production tab
I also could not find any information about where it is in the help.

I found it but don’t understand what the screen means. job-closing

Application help says thus:

Job Complete/Close Code Parameters Maintenance
Use Job Complete/Close Code Parameters Maintenance to create closing and completion codes for jobs.
These codes direct the Epicor application to automatically complete or close several jobs at once without further review. This allows you to complete or close jobs by exception, as only jobs that do not fall within the threshold of a specific code need to be reviewed.

Each threshold of a specific code is defined by material, operation, and subcontract criteria. You further define these criteria through quantity and cost variance percentages.

Alternately, the code threshold can be set using a monetary threshold by entering a variance amount in the Job Cost Under or Over field(s). Once closing codes are established, they can optionally be assigned to specific product group(s). A code can also be set as the default, regardless of the product group.

Moreover, you can exclude Make Direct Jobs not shipped from processing by selecting corresponding check boxes in the Make Direct Job Processing box group. By default the Epicor application processes the specified jobs.

Say I want to auto close jobs whose total costed less than $50. Do I put 50 in the under or over? Is threshold for jobs that will auto close or for jobs that will be reviewed? The help does not say what happens to jobs that meet the threshold, it’s ambiguously written…

The thresholds are not actual values, they are comparisons of actual to estimated. So if the material quantity percentage is within 5% either way (AFTER the final operation is complete AND the parts transacted off the job), this job will be completed and closed.