Job Closing DMT and Backflushing

I am testing the Job Closing DMT; there are options for “Backflush” and “Backflush Processing”. I can guess what the purpose of the first one is; to issue all unissued mtl. Not sure why the second one?
The strange thing is that I can’t get it to backflush at all. Worse; when I set either flag, DMT acts like it successfully closes the job, but when I check up on it with Job Closing I see that the job is still open and nothing backflushed.
If I take the backflush related flags out of the DMT script the job closes, but nothing backflushes.
Has anyone seen this before?


@psiebers I believe job materials needs to be marked as Backflush for it to work. You can create updatable BAQ for closing the job by calling Job Closing Business Object.

I thought that was true for backflushing on the Op. When I backflush in Job Closing, I believe Mtl doesn’t have to be marked backflush, it will issue any open demand to the job.

-As job closing without throwing either backflushing flag still works for me in the DMT, my route forward for now is to issue all remaining material demand by DMT, then proceed with a job closing DMT.


Here is a template we use. I think I have all the kinks worked out.

It should backflush material even if it is not marked as backflush. Also, this may be obvious, but you need to report a quantity to the last operation before doing the DMT.

There are times it does not work. A big one I have found is changes to the job after the job was scheduled, and I had to reschedule the job before it would grab the oddball parts.

And do a followup to make sure you do not double-issue parts.

Backflush template.xlsx (10.0 KB)

That is what I am using as well; except I opt to complete and close the jobs. Good to know that it does work for you at least.

You have the “QuantityContinue” column in the DMT, too? I know that was an obscure thing I had to find.

I think “Schedule Job” is the screwiest DMT I know of. There’s a magical column you have to know about called “OverRideHistDateSetting” and set it to 1 for every row. And “StartTime” is a text field, so in Excel I have it as '6:00 (with the apostrophe).

There are some interesting DMTs out there.

Have that column as well… In general I love DMT’s but they can be vexing… I usually try to go through the steps on the menu when laying out the fields. Still wondering about the “Backflush Processing” and the need for that.

I have given up on backflushing the unfulfilled mtl requirements and I have created a DMT to mass issue them. Not pretty, but it works. All my Ops and Mtls have now been satisfied.

Next problem: each job I try to close by DMT gives me the error: “Table: JobClosing Msg: A valid job number is required.” I can manually close the jobs using the exact same jobnumber. This is what my DMT template looks like:
I have been able to use this exact template in the past, which leads me to believe that something in the DMT or data is off.
Has anyone seen this before?


I’d think you need Plant in there.

It doesn’t show as part of the Job Complete/Closing template in my version of DMT. I added it, and it passes the Validation. Unfortunately, it still gives me the valid job required error.

-Valid point though; I have seen in the past a similar error when I run updates on jobs from a plant, and it happens to be not the plant I last logged into. Many things related to jobs I run a separate DMT for each plant.


Oh, are you logged into full Epicor into the plant/site that the DMT is for? It can matter. Not sure about Job closing specifically.

I found the error. Excel dropped a leading 0. Can’t believe I missed that. It lead to another error; A valid completion Date is required. I tried multiple variations of MMDDYYYY, but none sticks. Is there logic as to what makes a date valid or not? In Job closing there is no problem using today’s date as complete and close date…

You know, I don’t know if there’s like a guide to that, but I always just use “Short Date” in Excel (it’s my favorite date format anyway) and that’s always worked. I have always wondered if it mattered.

I doublechecked the job to make sure that previous runs didn’t already show it completed with a non-matching date, but that is not the case either. I wonder if there is anything else I am missing…

@psiebers I just use =today() in excel with the default date format. I have the same columns as you, but JobCompletionDate is before JobClosedDate and Company is last.

I’ll try that; I have reshuffled the order before; let me see if that makes a difference. I used this template before and it worked, but I realized that we recently updated DMT to the latest release. Something might have changed to stop my old template from working.

Still no joy…

@psiebers Its better to create Updatable BAQ for this purpose as few cases DMT is unpredictable with upgrades

Is there a way I can automatically process hundreds of jobs with an updatable BAQ? Not sure if there is. Epicor’s DMT is one of the pickiest I have worked with, I must agree.

You can actually process hundreds of jobs in the job closing screen. I use DMT for mine, but our operations person who closes uses paste insert in the list. For 500 jobs it takes about the same time to process them.