Job Complete - Backflush


I am having an issue when job is completed and the backflush checkbox is checked.

Looking at the on line help, it states that the materials will be backflushed from the input warehouse bin of the resource group if any on and quantity exists.

We don’t have stock in the input bin, so according to the help it should use the primary bin of the material.

Unfortunately, the system sees to use the input bin of the resource group, regardless of the on hand quantity, resulting in a lot of the input bins having a negative quantity.

Has anyone else experienced this?



Yes we had this issue. We used the same bin for input, output, and backflush. We were seeing everything pull from the bin defined in the backflush warehouse. When we removed the backflush warehouse (left it blank), it started pulling from the Part’s Primary Bin for that warehouse. We did this in both the resource group and the resource. for reference.

I don’t define the backflush bin against any operation and it is still using the warehouse in bin, which has to have a value in it.

I’m sorry. It sounded exactly like the issue we had. I am with you now… stumped.

KB KB0112460 on EpicCare has the flow and rules for backflushing that I follow. the RG locations it will drive negative so we have a weekly true up of those locations.

Thanks - I think this is a process that we will have to follow.

It a shame that the online help and KB0043861 are incorrect.