Job Costing Audit

We always struggle with what to provide to our auditors for backup for how the system arrived at the costs on our stock status reports for manufactured parts. We’re actual costing, Lot FIFO. What do others provide to their auditors for backup for actual costing?

For an individual job, the Production Detail report shows all costs on the job (up to the point where the report is run).

When manufactured parts are received to stock, the costs of the items used (or consumed) in the manufacture (materials, labor, burden, subcontract, material burden) are added up and divided out to a unit cost over the entire receipt. If a transaction (for instance, the issuance of material) does not take place BEFORE the manufacturing receipt to stock, then that cost will NOT be included in the cost of the finished product (it will eventually go to manufacturing variance, and your inventory value will be understated).

You can also use the Inventory/WIP Reconciliation Report, and filter on one or more jobs to show the GL transactions affected by that job.

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