Job Estimated Production Hours

Is there a table and field that contains a job’s total estimated production hours? The same data that prints on the Production Detail Report under the Asm Totals. The JobAsmbl_TLEProdHours field contains the information for total Estimated Production Hours that displays in Job Tracker - Job Details - Assemblies - Hours screen, but it only shows Job “duration” hours. For example, one operation using 3 resources, with a Production Standard of 80 hours/pc is showing a Total Est Prod Hrs of 80. The Production Detail Report shows a Total Asm Est Prod Hrs of 240 which is the total load and the value I want to include in a dashboard. If a specific field doesn’t exist, is that value calculated from a Shopload table?

Check the JobAssmbl table. You will have to combine the TLE fields for the Labor, Burden, Matl, etc to get total.
Also filter on AssemblySeq ‘0’ to get the top level costs.

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Update: I ended up joining the JopOpDtl table to the JobOper table with an inner join. That caused those operations that have more than one resource linked to them to display for the number of resources linked. I then simply added a summary to the dashboard to sum the total JobOper.EstProdHrs for each job. Problem solved. - Thanks.