Job Order - running number

I have an issue here. The job order number generated from the system when firm the unfirmed job order is not running in order. The system generates job order numbers ex. XXX258 after XXX130. Anyone face this before?

firm the unfirmed jobs generating different sequence in Epicor

Hi Surendra,
Around 21 jobnum are missing. How do i track those missing numbers


Do you have a BPM involved? Our “next job num” when making a new job is sequential numbers without any alpha prefix.

We using Epicor standard. I tried to delete and issue a new jobnum, the system generates a new number therefore, there is a missing there as below
image image image

Create - F000744 (pic1)
Then I delete - F000744 (pic2)
Recreate - F000745 (pic3)

the jobnum F000744 is completely deleted from the DB and generated a new number. Is there any way to check who deleted the jobnum?

I think the next JobNum is stored in a system table, and incremented after every creation. You might be able to add a change log data directive to the JobHead table, to see who is deleting them.

Most likely thing is a new job is created, then the person making it deletes it.

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agree with @ckrusen suggestion, add a change log data directive to the JobHead table to trace logs.

Change log is activated for JobHead table. But im not sure how to find for those missing jobnum’s as it is deleted from the system and DB.

use this query to get change Log

Select * From Ice.ChgLog Where Company = 'Epic06' and TableName = 'JobHead'

note :- this will include new record and updated records only. for deletion track you have to write custom bpm using ud table somewhere.