Job receipt to inventory not changing 'Received Qty' on Job tracker


I’ve recently discovered an issue where I can see that a job receipt to inventory transaction has been made, but this has not changed the quantity visible in the ‘Received Qty’ field within the ‘make to stock’ tab on Job Tracker.

I’ve identified that this anomaly occurs when the ‘job receipt to inventory’ is made to anywhere else than our MAIN warehouse. If we transact the full quantity, but only a portion of this goes to this MAIN warehouse, it is only this quantity that displays.

This seems to then falsely suggest that there are parts in WIP, leading to the Auto job completing and closure process failing to close due to a parts in WIP exception.

There are definitely no parts in WIP according to parts tracker. All job receipts show correctly in Part transaction history tracker.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

The Make to Stock Tab only displays the transactions that are in accordance with the Demand Link created in Job Entry - thus if it’s to the MAIN warehouse, it’ll only display receipts to the Main Warehouse.

Click on the Co-Parts tab in Job Tracker, and you’ll get a complete overview as to what’s actually been transacted.

We encounter this whenever specific component parts get shipped directly to the customer - because the deman link is to our components warehouse as opposed to Finished Goods, and we have three parts that are both assembly components and sold direct - and if a job has started late, the parts will be received directly to our Finished Goods Warehouse instead of being pulled from our components warehouse.

I agree that it would be better to see them all on the Make To Stock tab, just one of those little nuances as to how Epicor has the Job Tracker programmed to function. Apparently, developers don’t think very far out of the box in terms of what scenarios companies are likely to encounter.

We had that happen when one of our operators saw the “Request Move” box in End Activity and thought it would be a neat thing to do, so checked it.
We don’t have AMM installed, so that quantity ended up in a black hole. I reported this as a bug to Epicor but was told it’s working as designed and I could add a BPM to not allow that box to be checked.
Our fix was to update work instructions to NEVER check that box. To fix where it had happened already, a Job Receipt to Inventory worked for us.
Good luck!

this is a known issue if the warehouse on the job receipt to inventory is different than the one on the demand link.
Epicor has a Data fix. you can find it on knowledge article KB0047188.