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Noob Here.
I’ve been tasked by management to get scheduling in EPICOR (Kinetic 2022.1.5) to how it should be and to be able to determine what they can expect to come out of Production. My resources are 8 employees. Each working 4-10hr days. I can see in Job scheduling board that this part of the operation is working. If i shift a job to 730pm on Thursday, It will move the job to beginning at 6am Monday, so I understand that it knows Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all non-working days.
My issue is that I have a Job created for 2 top level assemblies. On Job scheduling board, it is showing that it should take 10.5hours. starting at 7am Monday and ending at 7:30am on Tuesday. 10hours on Monday and .5hr Tuesday.
If i go to Detail tab in Job Scheduling board, while having that job selected, I can see the start and Due times and it also shows an estimated hours of 26.8.
I can’t understand why the graph is showing that this job is only going to take 10.5hours when it tells me right there that it is expected to take 26.8 (which according to our calculations is about right when building 2). Also, I have verified that I have 1 scheduling block and 1 crew size.

The end all problem I have is that I cannot make sense of the job resource board. If i have 5 jobs scheduled all day on Monday, and each one has 1 scheduling block and 1 crew size, that should tell me I’ve scheduled 50hours for Monday. What I’m seeing in job resource board is over 100hours. I have 8 employees scheduled for monday, so my daily capacity is 80hrs. I’m showing that i’ve over scheduled, when my bar graph is suggesting that I’m underscheduled (50hrs).

Please help me understand where this info is coming from!!
Please and thank you,

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The only things that comes to mind:

  • Are your STD Format on the operation setup correctly ? (Fixed hours, hours per piece, etc)
  • Are you sure that the number of scheduling blocks is 1 on the job operation ?

Otherwise, we’ll need some screenshots of your setup (resource group, resource, job operation).

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I’m not sure what STD format means, but Under production per machine, I see 1.5hrs/piece next to Prod Std:
Ops/Part is 0ea
Pcs/cycle is 0
Hours is 3.00.

Screenshot test:

Here’s my conflict:
Monday, if everything were maxed out with 6 bars, to me that should be 60 hours.
Since all 6 bars aren’t taking up the whole day, I should be at less than 60 on my chart.

My dotted line is 70 hours. The graph is showing 120hours.

Hi, not sure if I can help you. But I am curious to know more about the problem. Would you share the following info for the job:

  1. Do you have multiple operations in the job? I believe you have. Can you share the screenshot of Operation> list screen?
  2. Do you use Queue hour/ move hours in any resource? In the job scheduling board, you can see the breakdown of the timeline by operation if you double click on the bar. Could you share the breakdown with us?
  3. Do you use finite scheduling?
  4. I would like to also see where you are seeing 10.5 hrs and 26.8 hrs? A screenshot would help.
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To add to what @skhan requested, have you looked at the scheduling logs for that job where the scheduled hours is 10.5 vs 26.8 ?

Here’s how to gererate it:

  • Enable scheduling log in company config

  • Schedule the job (via job entry fo example)

  • Access the log files at this location: [Your Server]\EpicorData\[Your Environment]\Companies\[Your Company]\Log\[Your Username]

  • Select the log file corresponding to the scheduled job

That would be helpful if you can find the log entry for that operation


In digging into subs, I’ve found my missing labor.
It seems its running all of the subs concurrently or at the same time. I only have 1 resource or 1 employee building this, so they shouldn’t be running at the same time.

Thanks again,

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Here is my Operations List.

The operations themselves run after the other, which is what we need. I just need the subs to do the same, I think.

This is where I’m getting 10.5 and 26.8hrs from…
We use 10hr days. 7am-6pm. So it should start today at 7am and run until 7:30am tomorrow, which would give me the 10.5hrs. Additionally, estimated hours are 26.8.

What is the scheduling relationship between your operations? Start-toStart, Finish-to-Finish, or Finish-to-Start

Operations and Sub-assemblies are both set to Finish-Start.

I would double check as it does not look like they are based on the scheduling board screenshot.

Here is a screen shot of my job entry with sub assembly operation as well as the job scheduling board showing that it is stocked on top of others.

Are all your sub-assemblies related to the same operation (#20 ASSEM) on Assy 0 ?

If so, I believe that Epicor is instructed that each sub-assembly is required before operation ASSEM can start, but nothing indicates that, for example, Assy #6 (V2403T-LEGS) is required before assembly #5 (V2403T-AIR) can start. So, Epicor can schedule the sub assemblies concurently, since there are no relationship between them.

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Yes, they are.
I have Operation 20 as Assembly, and Operation 30 as Test.
So, is there anything that I can do to make it work how I need it to?

It is odd that AIE-CI.T4-CON.GEN is waiting until after V2403-RAD.GEN, right?
This is how I want/need all of them to be…

I’m not sure if this helps explain anything else or not…

As you are using Infinite scheduling, Epicor is designed to think that the resource has only one job/ assembly to do. And that’s why it is scheduling every task at the same time for the resource. You can try using finite scheduling for that resource only.

@skhan could you advise further, how I could do/test that?
I’ve heard/seen that before, but I don’t recall where I would look to change that and test it on a job.

What are the scheduled resources for each operation on each assembly? If they are all different except for the Asm 2, that might explain it. The system sees no conflict since they all different resources.