Job to Sales Order

Many of our parts that we manufacture have unique to us part numbers which do not match what our customers have on their Po’s. Is there a way to link a Job to a Sales Order Line where the Part #'s are not matching? Currently we are making a job to the sales order with the assembly being a material on that job as sort of a job to convert the assembly job to the Sales order part number

How about you make your internal PN a component of the Customer’s PO PN. AFAIK the SO & ShipTo need to match as well for invoicing also which makes sense if you view it from financial aspect these things need to match each other.

Make your internal PN be the Job PN for Job (MtlPartNum) for SO PN and Job Asm PN. Seems odd way to want to do this, but this should provide the resolution you’re asking for.

Are you using Customer Part Cross-reference? This will allow you to enter the customer’s part number on the sales order and if the part is marked non-stock, a job will be created with your part number linked to the sales order line.