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Good Afternoon All,

Muddling through Kinetic Screens and Discovered that I can create/edit a layer in Job Entry and apply that layer to Job Tracker. Odd…, are part Tracker and Job Entry the same ‘form’ with job Tracker just being read only ?? I cant seem to find a Job Tracker dll just a Job Entry dll. ( cant get snip of dropdown combobox on Menu mainy ( arg…)



I came to this same discovery, but haven’t had time to poke around more. It appears to me that in Kinetic: Part, Order, and Job trackers are all just versions of the entry form.

Not sure which other screens are like this.

This saves a lot of time having to customize two different screens

If it is that way( same form ) yes changes will be easier. In past, Part Tracker would show different sets of information ( serial numbers on tracker, not on Entry. ) . Just will have to remember to make tracker form read only…? I was able to un engineer a job using job tracker with Job entry layer… :astonished:


This is what concerned me the most. There didn’t seem like an easy way to force all fields to read only.

I was able to open my custom order entry layer in order tracker, but all the fields were modifiable. It would take ages to go to every field and mark it as read only

I was hoping that the Menu Maint entry would allow Read only, seems to be not editable

Still poking around to see if there is a property that you can apply and use that as a " read only Layer". From What I understand, you can ‘stack’ layers…

The list of fields to make Read Only is not to big ( so far). I have made read only
Locked( Qty)
Rough Cut Scheduled
Mass Print
Job Code

In addition to making Read Only, I also flagged Disabled

I then published and added the customization( layers) to the menu item…NOTE Order may be importand, I added the Read only layer last

I sent a feedback from the job tracker screen this morning just stating that job tracker Engineered and released should be read only. I have not heard back from them yet.

Upon further review, anything editable on the details page has to have this same ’ make read only’ process done…


I’m having similar problems making a simple customization for the Supplier Tracker. Can’t seem to find a way to make it read only because the tracker uses the entry dll.
There must be an easy way to make these Read Only.

Here is what my EpicCare journey garnished from a very helpful Rep ( I don’t say that sarcastically, actually very helpful in solving this dilemma).

  1. Get to the Kinetic Supplier tracker
  2. Open Application Studio and make a Layer
  3. Publish that layer
  4. Find a Customer tracker somewhere in the Menu Sysyem.( I tested on Exexutive Analasys/Customer Tracker ), change the Program Type to Kinetic App, Select Erp.UI.CustomerEntry as the program and select your Layer in the Customization.
  5. Save Close and reopen Epicor
  6. Your customization is available at the menu location that you set up in step 4.

This seems like a round about way to do this. It would be much easier if the Read only checkbox in Menu maintenance worked…

Other Kinetic Trackers I have found to be missing are
Sales Order

I get the feeling that Epicor is going away from Kinetic Tracker dll’s and will address the read only issue " In an undetermined, upcoming release"

Anyway, I hope this helps not only you but others viewing this post.


Thanks for the info.
Just to be clear, Start with the Supplier Tracker and then switch to Customer? I’m guessing that’s just a slip.
I’ll give it a try using Supplier all the way.

More info…
I don’t seem to have the ability to change the Program Type.

:laughing:, yes a slip, have my hands in too many cookie jars lately…

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Maybe Copy to Current Company ( Under Actions Menu Item)??. We are DT Cloud, I cant necessarily speak into MT or On Prem or Multicompany.

That did work, thanks. I have 3 companies that I need to do this for, so it’ll be a little extra work until Epicor gets this figured out.

@spkeller @DeanMiller @Camren360

From 2021.2 GA, users should have an option to turn on the Read Only flag for Kinetic Apps…

I see that there are some workarounds also proposed here… Another one is to create an Updatable BAQ that sets the Menu_Arguments as -ro

Hope that helps !


I tried what @DeanMiller with Customer Tracker. Did not work. It still is not read only.
on premises 21.1.7

How did you get to Supplier tracker ? If I recall correctly, I was in Classic, selected open in new Kinetic App and went from there…

Thanks @DeanMiller for the reply. Got it to work after copying the menu item to the current company as you have suggested above. Didn’t read that part earlier. After that I applied all the customization layers from customer entry and then the tracker customization layer.

Thanks again for your help

I know this is an older post but I am trying to make Supplier Tracker read only in Kinetic after we recently upgraded to 2021.2. We are on the Cloud. I have copied the Classic Supplier Tracker menu and created a new one for Kinetic. I selected Program Type = Kinetic App and checked Read Only but when I go into the new tracker it is updateable. Any suggestions on why the “read only” is not working?

Just getting back to testing Kinetic. Took a break for a while. If I remember correctly last time i was having issues, there were 3 areas where they ( Epicor ) took away the Kinetic trackers. Part, Customer and Vendor. Causes a lot of issues as you have notices. They finally gave us access to the Read only checkbox and it appears it does not work …I just added in a Vendor Entry for Supplier Tracker just as you did. Same problem, can edit address field…

Wish I could help more…


I ended up opening an Epicor Case for this and the support came back that this has been reported to their development under problem PRB0239401. Epicor development accepted the issue but there hasn’t been an indication on when it will be resolved.