Job Tracker/Job Entry

Good Afternoon All,

Muddling through Kinetic Screens and Discovered that I can create/edit a layer in Job Entry and apply that layer to Job Tracker. Odd…, are part Tracker and Job Entry the same ‘form’ with job Tracker just being read only ?? I cant seem to find a Job Tracker dll just a Job Entry dll. ( cant get snip of dropdown combobox on Menu mainy ( arg…)



I came to this same discovery, but haven’t had time to poke around more. It appears to me that in Kinetic: Part, Order, and Job trackers are all just versions of the entry form.

Not sure which other screens are like this.

This saves a lot of time having to customize two different screens

If it is that way( same form ) yes changes will be easier. In past, Part Tracker would show different sets of information ( serial numbers on tracker, not on Entry. ) . Just will have to remember to make tracker form read only…? I was able to un engineer a job using job tracker with Job entry layer… :astonished:


This is what concerned me the most. There didn’t seem like an easy way to force all fields to read only.

I was able to open my custom order entry layer in order tracker, but all the fields were modifiable. It would take ages to go to every field and mark it as read only

I was hoping that the Menu Maint entry would allow Read only, seems to be not editable

Still poking around to see if there is a property that you can apply and use that as a " read only Layer". From What I understand, you can ‘stack’ layers…

The list of fields to make Read Only is not to big ( so far). I have made read only
Locked( Qty)
Rough Cut Scheduled
Mass Print
Job Code

In addition to making Read Only, I also flagged Disabled

I then published and added the customization( layers) to the menu item…NOTE Order may be importand, I added the Read only layer last

I sent a feedback from the job tracker screen this morning just stating that job tracker Engineered and released should be read only. I have not heard back from them yet.

Upon further review, anything editable on the details page has to have this same ’ make read only’ process done…