Job Traveler in portrait

Just looking for a system Job Traveler in portrait. Anyone have one? Trying to change it from landscape to portrait is time consuming. Hoping someone already paved the way.

Ok, I have worked my way through it, however in a couple sub reports after moving the data and setting the proper report height and width in the properties, I cannot move the rectangle border into the new width. Not sure what I am missing. I do not see any elements larger than the new length. Any assistance would be great… thanks in advance.

Found it all set…

Ok, I have my traveler completed in portrait and now down to this one issue. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have borders and lines on page 2 that I cannot find the answer for…

Hoping someone can help put them on page one. All reports, page setups are at 8 1/2 x 11
Thank you in advance!

Looks like you missed some widths for elements (rectangles?) that fit the old landscape layout - i.e. forcing the second page.
If can be a pain to find these in SSRS.

If you lay printed pages 1 and 2 next to each other… do the elements line up? This might be an easy way to identify which have old “landscape” widths.

Or you could open the RDL in notepad and search on … where anything you find that is greater than 7.5" might be a problem.

Well, that helped. I changed my left and right margins to be minimal like .10 - that removed my borders from the second page - but now page 2 is blank. Something tells me that I might have to shrink the report data more? However, it was tough fitting it on the page as it is.

Thanks for the help, so far.

My guess is there is still some element(s) using an old width.
You can try searching Google for “SSRS” & “blank page”.
I seem to remember a lot of “hits” and might be some useful suggestions inlcuded. This is a pretty common problem with SSRS.

It was about the margins. I tweaked the subreports some and it all appeared on one page. Thank you for the suggestions!

I have converted mine to Portrait. I can send my version across to you.

It was a big task as Job traveller has a lot of barcodes and many fields. I have deleted a lot of fields that werent required.

When modifying a complex report, it maybe useful to do it in Visual studio as you can use the drop down to select hidden items rather than clicking everywhere to find fields that took up the empty space. A lot of times the rectangle or the column cannot be resized because of empty fields.