Job Traveler information - edit data

Likely a bit of a noob question, but im new to epicor. Im truing to edit data that prints out on the job traveler that seems to be sequence based and was put in by the consultants that set us up.

Its call in the report is this

=First(REPLACE(Fields!Calc_OPText.Value, chr(13), VbCrLf)) + VbCrLf

where would I go in epicor to edit the text its printing here?

I think it’s the operation comment text from job entry, which
auto-fills from the op comment text in the engineered MOM, which can
default from the op comment text in the operation setup.

Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

Norman thanks. That’s my suspicion as well. my issue is I don’t know what menu item to go in to to edit the sequence/operation. nor do I know where to go if I had to add a new operation. any idea?

If you wanted to change the job, it would be Job Entry, which is located in
many different places one of those being; Production Management | Job
Management | General Operations | Job Entry. I normal just use the menu
search feature in E10.

In Job Entry, you can edit the op comment text or add another op.

Likewise, in Engineering Workbench (Production Management | Engineering |
General Operations | Engineering Workbench), you can check out a part rev
and make the same changes and check in back in.

Hope this helps, you might want to look through the Engineering section of
the E10 Users Guide


Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

The red text here dosent seem to show anywhere in the engineering workbench nor the job entry (assuming the photo i attached shows)

Im assuming it comes from wherever each operation is set up as a selection.

i couldnt download the link for the guide it required a password. i tried my epicor support login but didnt work.

i will try to see if we have any local copies of it.
thanks for info. this forum has been better free advice than the 20K$ epicor help that just says we dont support reports… call a consultant…
very frustrating.

Maybe it’s the operation text?


Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

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This is typically done with operation text as Norm states. Go to the
operation setup screen, pull in all your operations and note which
operations have the “operation text” field filled in.


Perfect. Not sure why that screen didn’t come up when I searched for the word operation in the menu. but I did find it and was able to successfully edit and add new ones.

Thanks so much!