Job Traveler Print Attachments from Part and PartRev

Hi ECM gurus,
I suspect this is an easy question. I have little experience with ECM (DocStar) so far. We’ve been using ECM to print out part drawings when the job traveler is printed. This works great. When we started, engineering was attaching the drawing to the part. Recently I discovered they began instead, attaching the drawing to the part revision. In doing so, ECM created a directory called PartRev. How do I tell ECM to look in both places to find the drawing?


The global search (search field at the top) in ECM will find the document(s) in both folders automatically.

The Retrieve tab has a checkbox for searching subdirectories, so it depends on how the search is constructed.

And this answer can be enhanced with the use of “related files” and what you are searching on to begin with (title or other field metadata)

I know you said you are using ECM directly to print, but have you considered using APR in Kinetic to automatically grab the drawing and print it with each Traveler? I ask because this is sort of a different answer.

Hi Mike,
You’re a great resource on here and I thank you for posing your question. Based on your response, I definitely didn’t describe my question well enough and I appreciate you.

Yes, we use APR. When the traveler is printed in Epicor ERP, the APR takes over and gets the drawing from ECM as long as it’s attached to the part. MY issue is APR finding also the drawing attached to PartRev. ECM created/added the PartRev folder to store the drawing in. How can I tell APR to look in both ECM directories for drawing file?

Please let me know if this helps. Thanks again

This is my current breaking and routing.

Hi @MikeGross I was able to figure it out. Some time I think you have to say things out loud to find the solution. I added another Take to the breaking and routing and linked it to revision number/PartRev. After that, it seems to work. I was able to print the job traveler with the part drawing that was attached to the part revision.

Thanks again for your response.

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Good job - and happy to help!!!

and yes - the age old 'Say it aloud to answer myself" trick is one of those priceless tools in and Admin’s toolbelt! Love it!