Job Traveler Printing Blank or Partial Pages

Hello All,

Odd behavior with the Job Trav report.

The base report is printing blank pages. I checked the page size, the report size, the margins and those all seem to be fine. I notice that when I move around the main tablix the blank pages appear in different spots.

I can’t figure it out, I opened a call with Epicor, but was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

I read many other posts on here about the subreports being the culprit, but I took them all out and the report is still printing 10 blank pages.

Some of the pages have half of a rectangle on them or maybe one row of data.

Not sure what is happening.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Look at all the various Page Break settings. There are lots of places they hide.

And the “CanShrink” property almost never works.

For debugging, I’d set various report elements with different background colors. Then you can related rendered output to your actual RDL.

Thanks Calvin, I set the background of the elements and it was different elements causing the issue each time.

Are you saying to check the page breaks on those elements?


Yes. There are Page Break settings in:

And I’m not sure how page breaks in a subreport affect the top level.

I took out all the subreports for now so I will start here.

It is happening on the base report and this issue has been reported to Epicor so I am wondering if they have an updated RDL where this is fixed.

The issue is that it was reported long ago, much before 10.2.500.

Maybe try putting borders around controls to see if any are unnecessarily being expanded, Like if the data fields had lots of carriage returns.

They are being expanded from what I can tell, but how can they go beyond the size of the report body??

Are they only growing in length? or getting wider too?

By “wider” I mean the left edge of page 2 matches up with the right of page 1.

one more thing. Does the issue show the same in both the Report Builder preview, and E10’s Print Preview?

Report builder preview is fine, but when I change it to print layout or just print to pdf from epicor (not report builder) it becomes many many blank pages.

the edges don’t match up.

In Report Builder?

If you have a color printer
Could try making a copy of the report and changing background colors.
I’ve tracked down some weird issues this way, one example in this thread…

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Thank you all, I had to take a break from it and deal with some other stuff.

I recall @aidacra had taught me about some ssrs troubleshooting as well as Codabears at some point so I trying to tap into that part of my brain as well.

To make this even more interesting, today the report is printing fine.

I notice that today, one less row was written to the reportdata table in the SSRS database.

The original dataset that was printing 10 blank pages has a row that has “What If” marked as well as one row without What If.

Same Job# as when the report was acting up? If so, any changes to that job?

They punched into that job, it may even be completed.

The other thing I just noticed is that while my print preview says it is two pages, it prints as 4 with 2 blank pages, so I guess it is still misbehaving.

There was a thread a long time ago about some versions of E10 using a different PDF creation library, whose default print settings were different. The setting was along the line of the Page Sizing and Handling setting that would be embedded in the PDF.


Certain versions of the library that made the PDF would different settings (Fit vs Actual size vs Shrink).

I thought this only affected people trying to print on checks, as it would shrink the PDF to fit inside the margins of the selected printer. But if your version of E10 is using a PDF library that is making them full size, with margins smaller than the printer’s margins, then it might have that last 0.01" of a page come out on the next page.

Try previewing one, and then printing it (from within the preview window) with various Page size settings (Fit / Actual/ Shrink) in the viewers print dialog.

See the following:

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Calvin thank you.

I had to adjust the margins to 0 on top and bottom even though the header + body + footer + margins was still within a normal 8.5" x 11" page.

Not sure what exactly is causing it.

Thanks for your time.