JobHead_UD table not available on form customization on Job Entry

I create a extended table: JobHead_UD
The table and data model are in sync
I go into Job Entry, created a new sheet and added some text fields which I want to set to fields in the new JobHead_UD table.
Add the textbox, and go to: EpiBinding…
and the JobHead_UD table is not available to select.

I manually typed in the name of the field: JobHead_UD.Serial_c and when I go to launch the form with the customization I get an error:
Control ‘epitxtSerial’ of type EpiTextBox has an invalid binding to view JobHead_UD.

What else do I need to do to use these UD fields on a form customization?

There won’t be a JobHead_UD table to bind to, the fields you add are added to the standard JobHead DataView.
You can find examples of how to use the UD fields in the ICE Tools Guide and Customization Guide in EpicWeb.

Thanks Jose for pointing me in the right direction.
I’ve been enlightened via pg 489 of the customization guide 101500.

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