Just wondering what type of computer hardware everyones users are using

We went live in August, so our experience is rather limited. The one reoccurring piece of feedback everyone seems to have is how slow some of the Epicor functionality is in this new Cloud Based system.

In the past few weeks, we have been slowly upgrading some of our most outdated equipment with better computers in an attempt to improve the user experience and speed things up. Our users with 8gigs of ram have been the most vocal about their performance issues, so we upgraded many of them with a 16gig equivalent with a better processor. this doubling of the ram seems to make things much better, but I am still curious as to what more experienced Epicor users have to say.

Printing issues aside, which has always been slow for us in the best of times, transitioning from screen to screen seems to feature quite a bit of system lag. This has been observed in both the New Kinetic screens, or the classic views that we trained almost everyone on.

I wouldn’t think upping the RAM on the client systems would do much for Epicor itself, unless Epicor 11.x is 64 bit. Epicor 10.x is 32 bit as far as I know of (my 10.2.700 client is 32 bit at least) so it can’t use that much memory.

Faster processors will help some, but I’d be more inclined to look at the server side, and make sure that has plenty of memory. SQL Server will use as much memory as it has on the machine, you might want to see about tuning that before you look at the client.


I’ve only used up to version 10.2.300, but I’ve found It to be very slow since day one (version 8.03 back in 2008). It wasn’t “go get a cup of coffee while waiting for a screen to load” slow, but just seemed slower than a modern program should be. The particular client hardware never seemed to be the issue. More like it was the architecture.

I came to accept this as I learned more about why it did somethings that were time consuming, over and over. Like launching a form. It has to get the code from the server. And since a customization may have changed that code, it needs to check on the server if there’s a newer version every time you launch it (well maybe just once a session). But opening a new form in a program should nearly instant. I’ll give it some time to fetch the data and populate it. But waiting a few seconds just for the form to appear shouldn’t be acceptable.

The Kinetic screens work a lot faster in a standalone browser (firefox, chrome, etc) than they do inside the Epicor application FYI

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