"Keep Together" Property in Report Builder - Help!

Hello all,

I have a custom SSRS Job Traveler that I didn’t create myself but am trying to modify. I want to allow the “Operations” group to be able to split between pages, if necessary. Right now, if the group can’t fit onto one page, it pulls the entire group onto the following page. The design with the groupings looks like this:

I understand that I need to do this through the “Advanced Mode” in the “Row Groups” box but I am having trouble. When I set the bottom static row to have the “Keep Together” Property set to False, I lose my group header on the 2nd page, as shown below.



I feel like I have tried all possible combinations. Since this is not my report, I am struggling to understand the groupings well enough to fix this.

Any thoughts?



Set the Keep Together property on the Group to False and for each Static line you want repeated to KeepWithGroup = After and RepeatOnNewPage = True.

Hi there, I set the properties as you suggested above and it does allow for splitting between pages but I lose my group header again on subsequent pages. I wonder if its a property in the Header that Im missing? These are the settings for the header group:


and the group header static row:


I appreciate your reply.

I see the issue now. The “Operations” field needs to be on its own Static row above the Tablix. Then set the KeepWithGroup and RepeatOnNewPage properties for that row.

excellent, that was it. Thank you!!