SSRS headers not repeating on every page

I’m trying to repeat Tablix header row on each page for a BAQ Report. Tried using the Tablix Property, “Repeat header rows on each page” but failed.

I also tried RepeatOnNewPage=true and KeepWithGroup=After using Column Groups Advanced Mode but I kept on getting the error stating that KeepWithGroup must be set to None and RepeatOnNewPage set to false while trying to upload it to the server.

Any suggestions?

I could never get this working either. I got around it by manually adding a new set of labels to the header of the document.

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@imsaurabhp I agree with Nate on this one…those “repeat header rows on each page” never worked right for me either and required adding text boxes to the report header.

You are on the right track to use the “Advanced” mode by using the drop down on your Column Groups pane.

I see that my Job Traveler Report, as an example, is setup exactly this way. Reckon why you are encountering the error on Upload? I’d focus on this.

Also, maybe you ran across the suggestion to use a “fake Group” - a Group that actually groups on nothing:

Then set his Static object to repeat on new pages.

PS: You turn on Advanced under the Column Groups, but make your changes to the Row Groups pane, the Static objects represent the row where the labels are inside the Group, the ones that you want to repeat. Changing the Column Groups property “can” lead to the error that you mentioned.


Sometimes you have to add these fake groups just to get the headings, although this doesn’t always work for me.

It’s worth a shot here @imsaurabhp … Good idea Michael.