Keeping a line item from being visible to turn into a job order until it is ready to be released

Very new here. Looking for a way when creating a sales order line item to put that particular line item or other line items in that job on hold so that the schedular can’t see them or turn them into a job order until we want it to be ready. I don’t need the whole job order on hold and sometimes we have 20-40 line items where most can be released except for a few that may need more information before they are ready. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.


Take a look at Firm Release on the Sales Order Release Tab. If unchecked, MRP will ignore the demand.

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Welcome Shawn. You came to the right place!
First some clarification. Sales orders have a head, a line, and a release. You use sales orders to populate demand in your jobs. A job can have demand from one or more sales order releases.

The way I read your request is that you have a subset of sales order releases that you want to keep on hold until you have all the information then make them available for scheduling/demand.

The easiest way I can think of to accomplish this is to set some of your releases as closed (uncheck Open Release). Once you have all the information you need and you have updated the release to include this information, then you can set the Open Release flag to true. That makes the release available to apply demand against jobs or stock.

As @bderuvo said, the firm release flag can also do this work if you use MRP.

I encourage you to check out field help. In modern/classic, go to Help > Field Help. This shows all kinds of great details about the fields in each form using a sidebar on the left-hand side.
Good luck!

Appreciate the response! We tried that a few days ago and the scheduler said it is still showing up as being able be changed over to a job order. Not sure if maybe we are missing something on that end.

Do you know where they see it available for job creation?
If you enter a new order, leave the firm release unchecked, run mrp, there should be no job suggestion.
If MRP already ran and picked up the order before it was unfirmed, only a MRP regen (not net changes) would remove the unfirm job suggestion.
You can also leave the shipby date blank to have mrp ignore.

Thanks for the input! For some reason under Releases it won’t let me uncheck the Open Release box, so I’m not sure what that issue is. It would make things simpler if there were a box under Lines in each line part that is added to have a check box that says Hold or Release for Production or something along that line so each part is default as being able to be released until that box is unchecked and then it will not show up for the scheduler until it is clicked again. But that’s just me hoping for something easy. I’ll check out the field help and see if there is anything useful in there as well.

Thanks again!

OK. Good to know. I’ll try testing those suggestions with a new sales order to see if that will work.

Appreciate all the help!

Opening and closing releases affects demand, so there are a lot of calculations that happen when you do it. To open or close a release, you have to use the Actions menu. actions > Order Release > Close Release. While it is closed the data inside is essentially locked. Open a closed release (using the same actions menu) to make any changes to it, or to make it available for demand.

Hello All,

Just an update. It looks like the one thing that worked well was to leave the Ship By Date blank. This caused the demand to disappear. Thank you @bderuvo that suggestion worked as needed. Thank you @NateS for your suggestions as well.

Have a great day!

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