Kinetic - 10.2.400

Ok, so when they unveiled Kinetic two years ago, I thought, “Pretty klugy looking home page, why not just write it to resemble what was there, only it will work faster.”

I keep away from the Active Home Page as much as I can, it still is very juvenile looking to me, and functionality is the same. It is like they are re-writing the application bit by bit and have completely new 20 year old programmers who never used the software before, designing it to dumb it down.

EDD, Great tool, but you can use the Web Page for that, and maybe I just leave the Active Home Page for the couple of execs who just want to login and see a dashboard with their targeted graphs, ok cool.

Now in 10.2.400, I see the Scheduling Boards are re-written in Kinetic, and while these always needed a performance upgrade, what a train wreck.

Very un-impressed, zero information displayed like before, way too many drill-down clicks and double-clicks to select things, hidden feature buttons instead on the toolbar, and “Show More” hyperlinks than needed. Wow, what a downgrade and apparently to me, written by someone who never used it before.

Performance of making changes seems faster, as it should, but if you spend more time drilling and clicking to see the data, then what is the point?

IMHO, Kinetic = Pathetic

So now that I thought I could just retain the application screens and more classic interfaces, now they ARE replacing them bit by bit with Pathetic. Sadness…
End of rant… lol

I smell a “Who Moved My Cheese” badge coming in the near future…


Seriously, the old UI is long in the tooth - way too busy (for non-engineers).

The Rich Client is not nearly as snappy in the Cloud as the new Kinetic screens will be. EDD and Active Desktop breaks us away from the “Build me a report and email me everything” mentality of the early Internet.

Continue to share your thoughts with Epicor though. I like that they are releasing this in pieces instead of dropping the whole thing in 10.3 one day when there’s no time for agility.

All the best,

Mark W.

I am way happy we did not go to the cloud and use on-premise, as the performance in our first testing was really bad.
As an Engineer, I would think you will hate the Kinetic screens, but appreciate the performance.
I guess it is an easy sell as a programmer to say “We will make it so much faster to use” and they do it by just removing all meaningfull information from the screens.

Try out the Resource Schduling Board and see what I mean…

We WILL get through this…
Hope to see improvements at the next Insights in Nashville.

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A very relatable and entertaining Dot Net Rocks episode on this very topic.

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