Kinetic 2021.1

We are testing Kinetic 2021.1 and I am finding that we are having problems with it sapping resources. We did not have this problem prior to the Upgrade.
I am in the habit of opening both LIVE and PILOT each day as my needs move back and forth. I have had no issue with having multiple screens of both databases open simultaneously throughout the day. Since the Upgrade to Kinetic in the PILOT environment it is unbearable.
Anyone else have this issue?

My guess would be that there’s some shortfall in identifying the environment the browser tab is tied to. Like if you check GMail in a browser, and open a new tab and change to a different user in the ne tab. Jumping back to the first tab, and checking for ne messages will most likely show you the inbox of the 2nd Gmail account.

Try running one environment in Edge, and another in Chrome or Firefox.

Calvin gives good advice but just want to clarify: are you running Pilot in the Smart Client or in a Browser?


We are running PILOT in the Smart Client

In the Smart Client in Epicor’s Cloud

Have you tried the browser? This is the promise of Kinetic and the future of the product. I’m not sure what kind of customizations or things that you may have not been able to lift, but you may want to get started as the clock is clicking on the Smart Client once Kinetic goes GA.