Kinetic Configurator Documentation

Has anyone been able to find good documentation on the functionality within the Kinetic configurator? I don’t see any technical references released for the configurator, and the solution/help documentation is severely lacking. I can’t even figure out how to refresh a dynamic list tied to a user defined method. I’ve set it up several different ways to see what (if anything will work) and have had no luck.

Regardless, has anyone found any helpful documentation or figured the Kinetic configurator out on their own?

I can’t say anything on the documentation side of things and haven’t opened a Kinetic configurator but I know in Epicor 10 the code to refresh all dynamic lists was


Where you could add the name of the control in the parenthesis to specify the required refresh. Example below is for a combo box with the name of ColorList_cmb

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I appreciate the response! According to the functions available within the C# screen, it should be the same code, but for whatever reason, it’s not working. I’ve tried both the refresh all and refresh a specific combo box. I was hoping I could find an example within their documentation, but I haven’t been able to find anything that states that they’re handling it a different way!

My guess is that you are a better configurator developer than I am; but did you verify that the dynamic list is actually updated? I know I’ve made that mistake before.

The other thing I would check is the code you selected to refresh the dynamic list. I know that when you select the code snip-it in the editor it adds quotes into the parenthesis which won’t update anything (Like shown below).


Don’t ask me why it does that but you need to either add a combo box or remove the quotes to update all the dynamic lists. Maybe that annoyance has been fixed in Kinetic but I’m not holding my breath…

The Configurator technical reference covers how methods like Refresh work and they should work the same in Kinetic as they do in Classic. You may have found an instance where they don’t. Making sure that the refresh is triggered at the right time is something that has tripped me up in the past. Make sure all the values that the combo box is using to filter have been updated before the refresh.

So far I have not implemented a Kinetic version of the configurator for a client due to issues I found in the past, I will be taking a fresh look to see if things have settled to the point that I can.

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I’m coming to the party a little late but searching for the same thing Emily was initially.

Does anyone know if Epicor has released any documentation yet for creating configurators using the App Studio toolset? The most recent tech ref I can find (2021.1) for the configurator still gives the good ol’ Wave Rider example using the Infragistic interface.

@timshuwy Any Idea if something similar exists for the Kinetic UI?

Thanks in advance!

when you are in Kinetic, you can get to the help and the browser based Kinetic Configurator is described there. I dont believe that the wave rider example has been updated as of yet for the new UI.

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Thanks Tim

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