Kinetic Configurators?

I can open a test configurator in the application studio but I can’t seem to do anything. Has anyone else gotten further ?

(Looking at the help, it seems it should start with a Page1 layout but it does not and I can’t add one)

I dont believe that the kinetic configurator is released yet… it is still in development. Coming soon.

Ah, I wasn’t sure. I would have assumed that except it let me check the Kinetic checkbox and open in the app studio. I would have figured they would have kept those disabled until it was ready to be tested.

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well, even once Kinetic configurator is released, you will still be able to run the traditional client versions of configurator until you get a chance to migrate them to Kinetic. There is a migration/conversion process that will need to be done for each configurator to make them work in Kinetic.

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Yup, I understand that. :+1: