Kinetic from a browser - how to print

I am running Epicor 2021.1 from a browser - how do i get printouts (like Purchase orders) to print?

If i try printing from the Browser nothing happens. Then when i login using the SmartClient my queued up purchase order prints.

Is there a way to enable printing when using just the browser?

I think there is an Add-In to install:

Printer setup error “Edge Printing not available now” - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (

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Generated reports/PDFs can also be downloaded/viewed from the notifications pane when just using the browser. It’s not as seamless or as efficient as the Edge Printing option but it is still not too bad for low volume report generation or testing purposes.

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There is a tool called Edge Agent that you can install on workstations. It will allow you to send a job to the printer directly.

  1. Enable the Edge Agent functionality:
  2. Install the Edge Agent:

Good luck


Mr. Callum: Thank you for the tip. I did not realize the “Notifications” icon is essentially the system monitor. Thank you, that will work for now.


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Downloading the Edge Agent install - gives an error.


Perhaps check to see if the installer is in the expected location on the server and that the ‘epicordata’ folder is network shared and accessible by the client machine. When I tried setting it up following the Epicor help instructions on two machines it didn’t work for me but I also didn’t spend too long trying as am happy to just use download reports via the notifications pane for my current ad-hoc development/testing reporting use cases.

The Edge Agent seems to be a very early release/version (i.e. there’s still sections incomplete on the app and the content on it is still sparse) and therefore if you don’t need it for production purposes soon, I’d probably hold off a bit on spending too long on trying to get it working, if it doesn’t work for you when following the help instructions, as I suspect there will be a few updates coming to improve/fix it.

Mr. Callum: I saw a paragraph in the Edge Printing Help doc that said Cloud customers have to submit a ticket to have their server “Edge Enabled”.

I submitted a ticket to Epicor.

Thanks for your help - The “Notification” tip will get us through for now.