Kinetic Gridview Filter: Multiple Criteria on One Column

Our users have a dashboard for tracking urgent orders - but there are several of our customers who always have urgent orders pending. On E10, they would use the grid filters to add several filters on the CustID column to exclude these regular offenders to not clog up their view.

Now in Kinetic, they are finding that they can only add one filter at a time, and they are not happy with that.

Before I get too far into building a customization to allow them to filter using checkboxes and a button … is there a way to do this natively in Kinetic? Looking through the Grid options, it does not seem promising.

I am running into this too as we push folks towards Kinetic. Did you ever discover a native solution?

I haven’t found anything yet - and I haven’t made any custom solution, either.
My plan is to make something like a comma-delimited field they can add their Exclusions to … and set the grid to filter out those values
Or maybe better to have a separate grid with an Add Selected Values button so they can check which ones they don’t want to see and filter all that are in this filter Grid…
I’m not even sure how much work it might be to filter/hide grid results like this after the data is loaded (and every time it gets refreshed) - or maybe I can add the results to a BAQ filter?