Kinetic Panel Grid - Date Format

Hi All,

I have created the Kinetic customization in that I have added Panel Grid in which I am populating data from BAQ. For that I have created the View and gave the data binding for Grid as view. In that BAQ I am having a date field Currently its displaying the date values as MM/dd/YYYY format. I want the date value to be displayed as YYYY-MM-dd in the grid. I have tried changing the format in BAQ but that doesn’t working in Grid. It would be great If you could help me with this.


Well, there is a mask field, but it seems that it doesn’t work. I’ll reach out to some folks and see what the issue is.

Did you get any new information. I am trying to use the mask field for a number field and it doesn’t seem to work either. If I don’t set Erp Editor = Number for the BAQ field it shows as text, if I set Erp Editor = Number it shows as a number but I can’t add a mask to it.

It got made into a PRB, but I have no news from that. PRB0265031

Thank you for the update. I’ll keep my eye on the problem.