BAQ Widget Export to Excel Date Format

Some users have BAQ widgets on there Epicor home page. These widgets have the ability to export to excel quickly. But I have noticed that date fields show a time when exported to excel. Is there are way to format this widget or BAQ so that is doesn’t do that. These date fields don’t even have the ability to input a time.

Id rather not have to keep changing the format in Excel each time, or at least that is the user’s preference.


In your BAQ, go to Display Fields. Find your date field. in the Format column it probably says {datetime}. Change it to {date}. Save your BAQ and try again.
Good luck!

No go. Epicor Support is writing it up as PRB

I am having the same issue. In my BAQ, in display fields, I can see it already says {date} but when I export it still shows up as 2024-03-19T00:00:00

Do you know where else I can try to fix this?? Thank you!


Could you convert the date to a string in a calculated field and format it correctly?