Kinetic screen customization / foreign key mapping

In previous version of Epicor it was possible to map a foreign key to add fields to a screen customization. Is there any way to map a foreign key when customizing a Kinetic screen?

Yes this is detailed in the help. You can define BAQ to get the data back and bind columns to the results or you can call any API to get back the data you need.

Which option is best?

Depends on your needs. What are you trying to solve.

On our part entry screen, line tab we display 2 UD fields from the Part table. this was easy to do before Kinetic by mapping a foreign key.

This should not require a Foreign Key View, Just add controls and set the bindings or add the columns you need to the grid.

I already tried adding the control and setting the binding but it was unavailable. It was the same story in the older version of Epicor. That’s why we had to create the Foreign Key View to make those bindings available ( per Epicor supports instructions ).

I need to pull information from the Part table to the sales order line.
To recreate foreign key mapping in the Kinetic Application Studio I created a new data view for the Part table. I then created an Event to use the REST Erp.BO.PartSvc to GetByID to retrieve the data. I’m having problems with the trigger. Its not triggering consistently. It should pull the data for line one of the sales order when the order is loaded to the screen and then when I move from line to line. Sometimes it pulls the data for a line sometimes it does not.
Does anyone have any experience with this issue?