Kinetic UD Form - List View?


I’m not seeing a way to display and edit UD01 records in list view as in the classic forms.

It’s pretty cumbersome to do a search for each item when there are many items to edit.

Any recommendations?



Updatable Dashbaord?

That would surely work. I could enter the “detail” record in a tracker, I suppose.

Thanks, Jose.


I’d put this under loss of functionality if you need to build something that previously existed out of the box. For me I live and breath in UD tables as lookups for product configurator, if I have to add a Dashboard everytime I start a configurator project with that will be a pain.

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@jdtrent I didn’t fully understand how bad it was until I tried it myself.

This is User Interface - without personalizations.

And the list view just shows the data.

But no editing of the columns (which I had to personalize the view to show.

If I needed it that badly I’d try adding a grid connected to UD100A, I guess.

It would also help if we could get the items in the tree. All this dang backing up. . .

Maybe they’ll add the functionality in 2021.3? :slight_smile:



I’m circling back to this, and have tried some new things without success. Working in 2021.2.8.


  • Added a grid panel and connected it to the dataview (UD04). Added the columns, etc.

  • Added a button to fire a function and use getrows to fill the dataset with records.

That works fine. But the keyfields don’t set to the current/active row in the dataset, so trying to save a record changed in the grid complains about the keyfield changing.

I haven’t found a way to trap a change in the current row or reset the keyfields to the current row (tried a SysRefresh_KeyFields after my getrows function).

I haven’t seen Kinetic 2022 yet. Has maybe this changed for the better?